We’re creating a new world of possibilities for heat sensitive substrates.


We’re helping you realize a greener, more sustainable future.


We’re delivering high speed processes reducing costs, time and waste.


Through our Safe and Easy program, our dedicated team will guide you towards a new future with powder coatings.

New technologies. New ways of thinking.

Backed by a history of innovation and a constant desire to create, we’ve launched a new range of powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates.

Whether it’s furniture, kitchen and bathroom products or building and construction (B&C) materials, Interpon W is helping you imagine, design and transform some of the most challenging heat-sensitive substrates in ways that have not been possible before. We’re removing limits on what you can create, the coatings available, and the materials you can coat. And we’re not just protecting products, we’re protecting futures and environments.

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Better by Design

With Interpon W we’ve created a powder coating that protects and enhances your designs. And so much more.

Our innovative portfolio of powder products provides a seamless finish to even the most challenging shapes and designs – the concave and convex, the curved and complex – with a performance that can cope with chemicals, scratches, and all that life can throw at it. And with a comprehensive range of vibrant colors and imaginative finishes to choose from, and a simple application process, you can differentiate your products from the mainstream and realize significant efficiency gains in the production process.

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Benefits beyond physical attraction

Our game-changing process enables various heat-sensitive substrates like wood and wood-based products to be coated and cured in minutes.

Being a powder, processes are accelerated pre- and post-coating: thanks to a vertical coating process, all sides can be coated at once, and unlike liquid paints, less sanding, priming and sealing is required. And because the process ensures consistent coverage, density and finish, the time spent on reworking or fine-tuning the finished product is virtually removed, and a higher volume of products approved right first time. This not only reduces the cost per unit but also maximizes staff productivity.

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Sustainability as a standard

With Interpon W, designers realize all of the advantages of a powder coating and more.

With Interpon, regulatory compliance and environmental performance comes as standard. Our powder coatings contain zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which makes them better for the environment, and better for you and your workforce. They also have a high utilization of material - up to 99% - and any overspray can be recycled, giving you a distinct point of difference and a unique selling point in an age of increasing environmental awareness.

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Interpon. Easy Does it.

The curing technology is customizable and affordable for even the smaller businesses looking to convert to powder coatings.

As a global leader, we can provide advice and support, including financial models, through the process of selecting and integrating a new coatings line within your production facility, whatever your scale. And with a team of technical service engineers to support you through the decision-making and implementation process, and train your people, we can ensure a smooth transition and help you achieve a faster Return on Investment.

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Color it green

Our powder coatings put your people, products and the planet first. With Interpon W, we're setting the standards of environmental protection and driving for a sustainable future.

Fast to the finish

Our innovative technologies allow heat sensitive substrates to be coated and cured in a matter of minutes, so you can save time, manpower and money.

Supporting you every step of the way

Helping you transition from any coating solution to powder coatings quickly and easily, while helping you to manage any risks to your operation, production and product quality.

Unlimited Applications

Our high-performance powder coatings protect heat sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics from all life can throw at them:

  • Protects domestic furniture & children’s play equipment of all shapes and sizes from bumps, scratches and curious little ones.
  • Provides office furniture with the scratch resistance and toughness it needs.
  • Delivers high water resistance to allow kitchen and bathroom furniture to withstand water, steam, high temperatures and humid conditions.
  • Creates better value for building and construction (B&C) Indoor panel makers.
  • Provides B&C outdoor materials such as wood with the weather, UV and fire resistance they require.

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