Products for optimal performance

The choice of technologies and performance characteristics you need to meet any challenge in the world of heat sensitive substrates.

Interpon W Core

This range of ultra low bake powder coatings is especially designed for HSS such as Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) or other composite materials.

Making use of the various technologies – including epoxy, epoxy-polyesters and pure polyesters – Interpon W Core is a range of ultra low bake (ULB) products for interior and exterior applications. With all products available as a topcoat or primer, and a selection of finishes to choose from, Core is designed to give products high levels of protection and style.

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Interpon W Flex Pro

Interpon W Flex Pro is a range of radical cure low bake powder coatings designed for challenging interior and exterior applications.

Especially designed for heat sensitive substrates such as natural wood, MDF, plywood, OSB or other composite materials, Interpon W Flex Pro is suitable for high-speed thermal curing processes, for either a topcoat or primer. The range also offers market-leading features such as anti-yellowing, UV weathering stability and gloss retention, making it the perfect choice for the more challenging interior and exterior applications.

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Interpon W Fast

Utilizing UV technology, Interpon W Fast allows interior and exterior products to be coated in shorter processing times.

Thanks to its low processing time and curing temperature, the Interpon W Fast range is ideal for high thermal sensitive materials and substrates, such as natural wood, MDF, plywood, OSB, outdoor durable MDF, outdoor plastic composites, marine grade plywood and heat sensitive metal components. And with anti-yellowing, UV weathering stability and gloss retention features, the range is perfect for those looking for efficiency and performance combined.

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Interpon W Fast Pro

An indoor/outdoor durable UV powder coating that provides high processing speed for the most challenging applications.

Along with anti-yellowing, UV weathering stability and gloss retention, Interpon W Fast Pro provides outstanding chemical resistance and smoothness, properties which can only be attained at low temperature curing thanks to the use of semi-crystalline resins. And as substrates with the greatest heat sensitivity can be cured at the lowest temperatures and in the fastest time, the range provides the ideal solution when time is of the essence.

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Color it green

Our powder coatings put your people, products and the planet first. With Interpon W, we're setting the standards of environmental protection and driving for a sustainable future.

We’re on a journey to create a greener, more sustainable future, for our business and our customers. This means not only meeting but setting new standards for the industry. And it means providing the powder coatings you need to help reduce your carbon footprint. Interpon W lets you do all this and more, helping you, and your environment, breathe easy in the future.

Fast to the finish

Our innovative technologies allow heat sensitive substrates to be coated and cured in a matter of minutes, so you can save time, manpower and money.

From research to design to manufacture, everything we do is driven by science and the fact that innovation is in our DNA. We develop new products and technologies that reduce the curing time for various heat-sensitive substrates, saving you time, money and manpower.

Supporting you every step of the way

Helping you transition from any coating solution to powder coatings quickly and easily, while helping you to manage any risks to your operation, production and product quality.

Interpon powder coatings provide the quality and finish you need to keep you out in front. And we provide the experts to help you safely transition from traditional coatings to the advanced powder coating technologies to unlock new possibilities for you and your customers.

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