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We’ll work closely with you to find the market-leading products, technologies and solutions you need to transform your business.

With you every step of the way

We know that switching to new technologies brings uncertainty, which is why our dedicated teams will support you in making a Safe and Easy choice for your business.

It’s why we have created a Safe and Easy program to maximize the benefits of powder coating heat sensitive substrates and mitigate any process risks, helping you choose the best technology for your needs. We will help you understand the investment required and the potential benefits to your bottom line. We will upskill your staff and provide continued support once your new line is up and running. And we will respect your current factory processes to ensure a smooth integration between software and hardware.

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Safe and Easy process

Step 1

Introduction: Before anything else, we get to know you, understanding your business needs and objectives.

Step 2

Process analysis: We then undertake a process analysis, gaining an insight into your challenges and opportunities, as well as looking at your costs.

Step 3

Feasibility study: At this stage, we start working with the line manufacturer. Your products go through our state-of-the-art test center to show the impact Interpon powder coatings can have on your products as well as to recommend which technology best suits your needs.

Step 4

Offer: Working with a powder coating line infrastructure partner to decide the best option, we make a considered recommendation for coating line, paints, portfolio and implementation.

Step 5

Startup: Next, we support with the installation of the powder coatings line and supply of the powder formulation

Step 6

Quality systems: During this phase, we provide a quality check, specifying quality parameters and what needs to be delivered.

Step 7

Training: We assess and deliver staff training and create a standard operations manual.

Step 8

Services & support: Our local team will continue to support you, providing process and output data, as well as analysis and continuous process improvement.

In cooperation with line manufacturer AkzoNobel

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